Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?

We are located in New York City and we ship using United States Postal Service (USPS) First-Class Package/Mail Parcel. This means if you are in the continental US, shipping can take anywhere between 3-7 business days on average. International orders can expect their package to arrive 7-10 days depending on where you live. It takes 1 business day for your order to be processed and shipped out. If you need your order to be sent sooner, please email to make arrangements.

Is Edgefull waterproof?

    Edgefull is water-resistant, meaning it can withstand a moderate amount of moisture and sweat. It will come off when washing your hair.  

    How long does Edgefull stay on?

    Edgefull is windproof and can stay on for several days, but of course, it depends on how the area is treated (friction, touching, etc). The protein fibers were not created to permanently adhere to your hair.

    What is Edgefull made out of? Is it Natural? Is it safe to use on sensitive areas or on Children?

    Edgefull is natural and is made up of keratin protein fibers and natural iron-based colorants. There are no synthetic dyes, no animal by-products, and no harsh chemicals. Therefore it is safe to use on sensitive areas and on children.

    How do you apply Edgefull?

    Some sprinkle the product over the problem areas, while others use a sweeping motion. There are many techniques on how to use Edgefull and everyone has different ways to apply it. With continued use, you will find the best way for you based on where your problem area is and your specific hair type. 

    Can it be a replacement for hair?

    Edgefull adheres to surrounding tiny hairs to conceal bald or thin spots to give you the most natural look. However if you are trying to use this product to create a beard or head of hair when you otherwise have nothing there, then no it will not work. You must have some hair, even if minimal, for the protein fibers to adhere to. 

    Can products be applied to the area after using Edgefull?

    No. After Edgefull has been applied, no products should be used in that area. Also, the area must be dry before use. Many customers who suffer from traction alopecia or are undergoing a hair growth regime for their hairlines, use oils and sprays before applying Edgefull, wait for the area to dry, and then apply. Because Edgefull is a natural product and is chemical free, it will not prohibit new hair growth. Edgefull is good to use in conjunction with a hair growth regime.

    Does Edgefull grow hair?

    No. Edgefull is made out of a protein keratin fiber and is natural and safe to use. However, its primary function is to conceal problem areas. It can, however, be used in conjunction with a hair growth regime.

    How do you remove Edgefull?

    Edgefull can be removed when washing the hair. However, if you would like to remove the product before your wash day, it can be removed with a wet cloth. 

    Where should Edgefull be stored?

    Edgefull should be kept in a cool, dry place with the cap tightly closed. Avoid storing Edgefull in very humid areas.